With a new CEO to the business and a brand that needed a refresh, Rachael led a brand planning session to determine a strategy for the brand, then worked alongside the business to relaunch the Grove Avocado Oil range.

Along with utlising Rachael’s marketing expertise, Avocado Oil NZ Ltd benefited from Pepper Marketing's various contacts in Public Relations, Design, Media, Retail and Foodservice Sales.


A very cost efficient Grove media launch resulted in extremely positive feedback and media exposure. Thorough sales, distribution and pricing analysis lead to a vast improvement in ranging and sales.  Rachael helped to write copy and recipes for several magazine ads and the newly developed website.  And there was a remarkable response to the refreshed Grove brand, prominent new bottle and fabulously designed label!

Grove Lime Avocado Oil went on to win the ‘best oil for dressing’ category at the 2009 Healthy Food Awards, making it a delicious – and nutritious – accompaniment for any salad.

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100% natural and uniquely New Zealand – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Grove Avocado Oil carefully selects naturally ripened avocados and gently cold presses them to produce the fresh flavour of one of nature's healthiest oils.